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Aluminum Storefront Fabrication You Can Trust

For more than 20 years, South East Glass LLC has been trusted to provide commercial construction contractors with custom aluminum storefront fabrication of the highest quality. We’re a North Carolina-based company delivering products to job sites nationwide when you need them. Using the RhinoFAB 900, we can accurately estimate your cost, which means no surprises for you or your client when the job is complete. We’ll have your knock-down (KD) or assembled product delivered to you by the confirmed date. Contact us for a quote today.

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A Simple Process for Custom Storefront Fabrication

Whether your project requires KD or assembled storefront fabrication, we offer an easy process to get the products you need to complete construction. Our team works directly from your drawing and engineering plans to perfection.

Choose Your Material

Send us the material of your choice. We work with the top names in window material manufacturing, including Kawneer, US Aluminum, Old Castle, YKK AP, EFCO, Arcadia, and more.

RhinoFAB 900 Production

Our team takes care of all aspects of production, including cutting, drilling, milling, notching, cleaning, and labeling. We’ll also include CAD fabrication drawings of your glass sizes.


Our packaging and shipping ensure that all materials arrive intact and on time.

Choose From Knock-Down or Assembled Storefronts

Different jobs have different requirements. Our services offer the flexibility to choose KD or assembled storefront commercial windows based on your preference. You can rest easy knowing products will be packaged safely and delivered when requested, no matter which method you choose.

Assembled Storefronts

We build non-glazed assembled storefronts directly from your drawings to create an accurate CAD fabrication drawing to work from. Once all of the parts are produced, The storefront frames and ship them directly to the job site or your office.

Knock-Down Storefronts

Fabricated knock-down storefronts are a specialty of ours. Using the same CAD fabrication drawing process as assembled storefronts, we fabricate all components and label each one for easy-to-follow assembly. Each part will be labeled according to the fabrication drawings we provide and delivered to your site for building and glazing by your team.

Get a Quote on Commercial Storefront Fabrication

At South East Glass LLC, we work closely with our customers to map out a shipping strategy, ensuring projects stay on track. Proper loading ensures your job’s progress will flow smoother, and our professional packaging means the safe arrival of all parts. Contact us for a quote today.

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