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Reliable Window Wall Fabrication Professionals

Commercial construction is a demanding industry. From clients making special design requests to products that need to withstand the rigors of weather and foot traffic, choosing the right products and reliable partners is vital to the project’s success. South East Glass LLC in North Carolina has been providing superior window wall fabrication for commercial building jobs for more than 20 years. We ensure the structure’s outermost layers are solid, durable, and designed professionally. Contact us for a quote today.

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Non-Glazed Assembly Window Walls

When your commercial construction job requires assembled window walls shipped directly to your site, our team of experienced craftsmen meticulously put your products together in a controlled environment for exceptional quality. Send us your plans, and we’ll generate a computer-aided drawing, transfer it to our RhinoFAB 900 machine center, and fabricate a finished product designed with precision. All you need to do is ship us the materials of your choice from any of the following manufacturers, and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Kawneer
  • US Aluminum
  • Old Castle
  • YKK AP
  • EFCO
  • Arcadia

Knock-Down Window Walls

As an alternative to assembled pieces, we also offer KD window walls to assemble at the job site. This is a worry-free method that can save you some money. Our machinery uses exact measurements to make cuts on the top, front, and bottom of each piece where necessary. We’re capable of complete cutting, drilling, milling, notching, and countersinking with precision. Once the materials are prepped, we clean them, each piece will be labeled for easy construction, and the entire order will receive our thorough quality assurance check. KD kits are patterned and manufactured using the same CAD process as the assembly kits.

We Ship Window Walls Directly to You

At South East Glass LLC, we ship all of our products nationwide to the location of your choice, no matter which method of fabrication you choose for window walls. Our logistics team will work directly with you to provide an accurate timeline for delivery to the job site, your warehouse, or your office. Using computerized technology to fabricate window walls allows us to be completely accurate on the price and length of time we quote you for production. Contact us for hassle-free window wall fabrication today.

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